The Construction & Demolition (C&D) working group provides a forum for C&D recyclers, and others in the industry, to develop better management practices and outcomes for building material waste.

Objectives of the working group are:

  • Foster the identification and expansion of sustainable markets
  • Develop and promote environmentally sustainable practices
  • Encourage increased professionalism in the C&D recycling industry
  • Develop, assess, and provide comment on issues and policies affecting the C&D recycling industry
  • Promote research and development into C&D recycling technologies
  • Arrange and sponsor meetings, conferences and seminars or similar gatherings on subjects of interest to the C&D recycling industry
  • Promote consumer confidence by developing and supporting high industry standards for C&D recycling
  • Educate communities about the benefits of using recycled C&D materials
  • Engage with relevant industry associations (e.g. Master Builders, Property Council, UDIA) to highlight the benefits of recycling C&D materials and how various C&D materials can be recycled rather than disposed to landfill
  • Promote on-site C&D recycling and management practices which avoid the creation of waste
  • Distribute general information, education material and technical information on the C&D recycling industry

Membership of the C&D working group is open to all financial members of WMRR. Members generally consist of recyclers, local and state government, consultants, equipment suppliers and academics.

The working group is part of WMRR's C&D national division, which was formed in 1998 and has a representative on the WMRR Branch Committee.



Vice Chair



Jason Sweeney, ResourceCo



QLD (combined with landfill)