Day One:

Jim Fairweather

Chief Executive Officer, Tyrecycle & ResourceCo

Jim has held a variety of Sales, Marketing and General Management roles working in both mature and growth businesses and sectors over almost 30 years.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Business from University of South Australia and is currently the Chair of the Australian Tyre Recyclers Association (ATRA), President of Waste & Recycling Industry South Australia (WRISA), on the national board of The Australian Council of Recyclers (ACOR) and sits on many advisory committees to governments and regulators around Australia.

His role as Chief Executive Officer at ResourceCo, encompassing a variety of businesses across the ResourceCo Group – including Tyrecycle, places him at the forefront of the Circular Economy.  Jim has been a key figure in driving the ResourceCo business in its development in re-manufacturing of various waste streams and the development of end markets for recycled products.

Daniel Bosco

Director, Bluey Technologies Pty Ltd

Daniel Bosco is Director and Founder of Bluey Technologies Pty Ltd. 

Daniel has a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from The University of Technology Sydney and has also completed post graduate studies in concrete technology and rehabilitation.  Following the completion of his studies, Daniel worked on a number of large infrastructure projects such as Airport Link Tunnel in Sydney, Taiwan High-Speed Rail and many major tunnel projects around Australia over the past 25 years.

In 2003, Daniel started the product supply company Bluey Technologies. Bluey specialises in solving complex engineering problems through applications using latest technologies in polymer, cementitious and resin-based products. 

The company has grown rapidly and is now recognised as an important partner to many of our largest construction companies working on major infrastructure projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. 

Bluey was recently recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative companies in the annual AFR awards. This reflects the approach the team at Bluey take to bringing new products to market in a challenging and high-risk industry.

Tom Lunn

General Manager - Marketing & Innovation, DETMOLD GROUP

Tom Lunn is the Group General Manager – Marketing & Innovation at the Detmold Group, where he is responsible for leading product innovation and industry partnerships and positioning Detmold’s brands in global markets.

Regularly working with brands such as McDonalds, Starbucks and Jollibe, Tom is at the forefront of global packaging and foodservice trends. Tom is focused on sustainability in packaging and is the driving force behind Recycle Me™, Australia’s first commercially recyclable takeaway coffee cup. He is proud to have helped customers reduce the environmental footprint of hundreds of products, saving thousands of tonnes of raw materials and diverting millions of used items from landfill every year.

Whether working with organisations to meet global and national sustainability targets, assisting business groups to create closed loop solutions for difficult to solve products, or helping communities who are trying to implement single use plastic bans, Tom is able to share global insights of the challenges and successes that he has observed around the world. 

Stephen Scherer

Manager, Recycled Plastics Australia

Stephen Scherer an experienced management figure in the plastics recycling industry. Equipped with over 40 years’ experience in plastics sale, procurement and manufacturing, he is currently the General Manager of Recycling Plastics Australia Pty Ltd based in South Australia. Initially, Stephen built a small family business, Plastics Granulating Services, over 38 years, guiding the business to reach a turnover of $15 million a year and production of approximately 20% of the post-industrial recycled plastic in Australia. The uniqueness in this knowledge and the vastness of his network stems from his early operation in the young industry of plastics recycling. Plastics Granulating Services was a casualty of China’s consumption of Australia’s recycling resources, so he understands well the story of how we reached our current position of market dissipation. He maintains the strong belief that solutions to the current crisis reside in existing systems, de-risking capital and legislation of recycled content in packaging.