Lauren Xuereb

Senior Environmental Planner, GHD

Lauren is an environmental planner at GHD, where she authors and manages environmental impact assessment applications for infrastructure projects in NSW. She has an in-depth understanding of the State significant development approvals process and the role of effective community and stakeholder engagement in delivering this development. Lauren enjoys working with clients to minimise potential and perceived impacts associated with different types of industries, including the waste and resource recovery sector.

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Lauren Harding

Technical Director - Social Sustainability and Engagement, GHD

Lauren is a social performance practitioner with 15 years of experience in social impact assessment and community engagement, helping clients to understand and manage their impacts on communities, and deliver meaningful benefits to communities. Lauren leads GHD’s social impact team in NSW.

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Mark Gifford PSM

Principal Waste and Environmental Consultant, Talis Consultants

Mark is a Principal Waste and Environmental Consultant with Talis Consultants. Mark has nearly 25 years experience in environment protection roles in government and now the private sector. Before joining Talis he was the acting Chair and CEO of the NSW EPA and its Chief Environmental Regulator delivering regulatory services and developing and implementing policy, systems, legislative reforms and organisational change. He has considerable experience and a broad range of skills in regulatory practice, policy development and executive management and leadership. Mark has provided high level expertise and advice to Ministers, Members of Parliament, agency heads and statutory Boards. Mark is also a Deputy Member of the Board of the Tasmanian EPA and Chair of Local Planning Panels in Sydney, NSW.

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