CEO and Managing Director, Recycal

Doug’s career in recycling commenced in 1977 at his family’s business in Victoria.  Having gained several years’ experience in the metals industry, he undertook a management role with the Poseidon Group of Companies before moving to the mining, mineral and metal oxide area of business.

Doug was the founder of Southern Rocycling, the metal and plastic recycling business in 1992, and Ecocycle Industries, the silver and mercury recycling facilities in 1996.  The businesses were sold in 2007 and in early 2008 Douglas became the CEO of this public listed company before leaving in May 2010.

He started Recycal in late 2010 and took over CMA Ecocycle, his old silver and mercury business in late 2013.  The businesses have sites in all capital cities and his family is heavily involved in the business with him.

Doug spends many hours each week working with those less fortunate and is involved in a number of charities and mentoring programs.