Dr Matthew Bench

Principal Adviser, Waste Regulation
EPA South Australia

Dr Matthew Bench is the Principal Adviser, Waste Regulation in the Circular Economy & Waste Branch at the EPA of South Australia. He has been working in the waste management sector for some 24 years, having spent time working in the waste industry, local government, academic research and consultancy. During his previous academic roles he conducted research on resource recovery and life cycle assessment for integrated waste management. 

Matt has been at the EPA for 8 years and leads the Waste Regulation team within the Operations Directorate. The Waste Team regulates in excess of 500 waste management facilities and operations across SA, including the state’s major landfills and transfer stations. He is mindful of the role regulation has to play in the transition towards the circular economy. To this end, he appreciates working in the Circular Economy & Waste Branch, which encompasses waste management, container deposit, product stewardship, policy, strategy & waste levy.