Lacey Webb

Founder & Director, ResourceHub

Lacey has 15+ years’ experience in Waste & Resource Recovery, as a CPA and industry CFO. She is dedicated to leading Resource Hub’s values and delivering targeted solutions to our clients across Australia. Furthermore, Lacey is one of Australia’s foremost authorities on waste levy regulation, and a leader in defining and implementing data and process standards across the industry..

Luke Adams

Principal Environmental Engineer, Tonkin + Taylor

Luke has provided environmental engineering solutions for both private business, local and state government clients within the waste management and contaminated land industries for the last 20 years. Luke’s experience includes assessment, design, audit and expert witness services from the very smallest to the largest waste management facilities across Australia. Luke is chair of the WMRR Victoria Landfill Working Group.

Stuart Thurlow

Principal Landfill Business Manager, Australian Environmental Auditors

Stuart has over 25 years’ experience in landfill having worked both in industry and as a consultant. Currently working as a technical expert to ten auditors and many consultants across all states and territories in relation to landfill operation, management, landfill gas and leachate. He also appears as an expert witness in matters relating to landfill gas, operations and management.

Tanja Blazeka Kojc

Senior Associate Engineer, SMEC

Tanja is a Senior Associate Engineer at SMEC. She has over 17 years of professional experience in landfill planning, design, construction quality assurance and environmental auditing. She is a registered Professional Engineer in the area of civil engineering in the State of Victoria and a Chartered member of Engineers Australia.     

Pascal Saunier

Business Development Manager Pacific, AFITEX-Texel

Pascal is a French-Canadian engineer (OI of Québec and P.Eng. of BC). He managed a landfill for Veolia Environment, then joined WSP in QA/QC on geosynthetics. He started AFITEX-TEXEL inc., the Canadian manufacturer of DRAINTUBE™ and leads the Business Development for North America and Pacific.  After 20+ years of experience in the geosynthetics field, he has published numerous technical papers.

Andy Warwick

Product Manager, Global Synthetics

Andy is the National Products Manager for Global Synthetics for all mining & rail construction nationwide, & all Landfill in QLD and internationally.  Andy is also tasked with new technologies from around the world.  Prior to coming to Australia Andy was the International Sales Director over 10 years, selling and educating from S’ America, Europe, Africa, Russia Asia & Australasia. While also sitting on various international committees.