Hossein Ghiasinejad

Principal Design Engineer, WSP 

Dr Hossein Ghiasinejad has a PhD in Civil-Environmental Engineering. He is a CPENG and RPEQ in Civil, Geotechnical and Civil Engineering and has been working in the field of landfill and containment system research, design/construction and CQA for more than 20 years. His background includes working in consultant firms, Universities and for contractors. He has been a leading researcher in the field of leachate generation estimation with research focused on redefining waste field capacity and studying the direct evaporation from waste. He has been working with Golder (now WSP) for 3 years as the principal design engineer.

Udeshini Pathirage

Senior Geo-environmental Engineer, WSP 

Dr Udeshini Pathirage has a PhD in Geo-environmental engineering. She has over five years experience in landfill design and barrier wall designs in many projects around Australia. She has specialised in infiltration modelling using HELP software for complex landfill scenarios. 

Nikita Sharma

Chemical Engineer, BeneTerra

Nikita is a chemical engineer, with a background in chemical and environmental engineering, working with BeneTerra for the past four years. Nikita has experience in providing landfill operators with tailored technological solutions & insights to address their water management and contaminants issues, helping them achieve good environmental outcomes. Nikita has also worked on related R&D projects & regulatory approvals.

Rohan Smith

Waste Management Supervisor, Albury City Council

Rohan is the Waste Management Supervisor at the Albury Waste Management Centre, he has held this role in excess of 10 years and has participated in key projects on site including the construction of a recycling centre, push pit, cell development, weighbridge operations, rehabilitation and represents Albury City Council in a regional capacity throughout Southern NSW in the landfill space.  

Chris Nivison-Smith

Technical Director - Waste Management, GHD

Chris has worked for over 13 years in the field of waste management. He has significant experience across multiple roles on his projects, including project manager, field engineer, technical lead and independent verifier.  Chris takes a pragmatic and measured approach to his projects, seeking to understand the key drivers for our clients and developing bespoke solutions that cater to their needs.