WMAA seeks safeguards for kerbside system

"The WMAA submission to the NSW Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) Discussion Paper recognises the political reality surrounding the CDS, and seeks further analysis of the impact of any scheme on the well regarded kerbside system in NSW", said Martin Tolar, Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) Chief Executive.

"We understand that the government has given a commitment to introduce a CDS and that there is broad community support for the policy. Our view, however, is that it is essential that safeguards that protect the significant industry investment that has been made to deliver an effective kerbside recycling program are established.

Now is not the time to rush like a bull at a gate and take a scatter gun approach to this important community issue. Rather, WMAA will be taking a considered approach to ensure the Baird Government can achieve its policy objectives, while also ensuring the interests of the state's waste and recycling industry are also protected. We look forward to further consultation with the NSW EPA on this matter."

To download the WMAA Submission to the CDS Discussion Paper, click here.