WMAA supports inquiry into the future of Australia's recycling industry.

The Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) is the national peak body for the waste and resource recovery Sector in Australia. Responding to Australian Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson, WMAA welcomes moves to establish a Senate Inquiry into the future of the recycling industry.

"WMAA is in full support of harmonisation of the industry at a federal level." said WMAA CEO, Gayle Sloan."A Senate Inquiry is a great opportunity to create more federal discussion about the actions we can take to ensure this sector is able to provide even better services to the people of Australia."

The industry and WMAA have been highlighting the problem of landfill price disparity and its subsequent impact on the recycling industry for years. The Australian Greens have, today, secured the inquiry in the future of Australia's recycling industry.

"We support and endorse this inquiry into illegal dumping," said Ms Sloan. "WMAA welcome efforts to establish a level playing field and ensure the legitimate business practices of the many are not undermined by illegal actvitiy of a few."

"WMAA wants to see the federal government taking a more active stand and scrutinise what is going on in the recycling industry," said Ms Sloan. "There are too many examples of loopholes that we all know need to be closed, but which clearly have not been fully addressed by each jurisidiction working in isolation."

WMAA will continue working with industry to lift standards for the better, this involves an integrated approach including harmonised state waste policies. WMAA recognises Senator Whish-Wilson for his role in championing this federal inquiry and his desire to "identify what can be done to keep the good operators going."

The Australian waste and recycling sector employs over 50,000 people, and by and large ensures the safe and efficient management of the more than 50 million tonnes of waste generated across the country each year.

"WMAA supports positive action to improve the operating conditions for the majority of reputable groups in this industry, and absolutely supports efforts to stamp out the rogue elements that can damage the reputation of the industry as a whole", said Ms Sloan.