South Australia leads (again) with green ambitions for #SAgreat remanufacturing

19 October 2020

There is little doubt that South Australia leads the way in driving Australia’s approach to recycling and resource recovery and it is once again showing Australia why it is worthy of that title by picking up the pace in driving a sustainable remanufacturing sector in the state.

Australia is on the cusp of a much-needed step change – there is strong political will and community desire to manage our materials domestically and currently, there is significant funding on the table to strengthen our waste and resource recovery systems, while building new industries in remanufacturing and industrial design. These important steps will have significant long-term impacts on local economies and jobs, while safeguarding our environment and communities.

“Australians are gradually coming to the realisation that the waste and resource recovery sector collects valuable natural material, which we must design to use repeatedly, creating input material in Australian remanufacturing facilities and Australian jobs, as well as decoupling ourselves in many ways from the vagrancies of the global markets; arguably, it has never been more obvious for the need to build this resilience in Australia than now,” CEO of the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR), Ms Gayle Sloan, said.

“This is why WMRR has partnered with Green Industries SA to broaden our horizons and show Australian industries - civil construction, FMCG, retail, local government and more - just what are available on the market that use this valuable Australian recycled material, connecting buyers and sellers in the one place to drive business, education, and innovation.”

This free event is not to be missed if you:

  • Are committed to improving your sustainability credentials by replacing virgin products with Australian recycled material but you may not know what products are available and where to source them.
  • Work in local government and are practicing sustainable procurement processes.
  • Are a developer, contractor, engineer or consultant who needs to know more about the benefits – both cost and quality – of using Australian recycled product.
  • Work in the waste and resource recovery sector and you’re determined to develop markets for your materials.

“For years, we have been harping on the need to keep valuable natural materials circulating in Australia, creating Australian jobs in the process, and how our essential waste and resource recovery sector can play a crucial role in driving economic growth. Governments at all levels are listening and now, we are seeing many walking the talk,” Ms Sloan, said.

The Buy Recycled Expo SA will also feature panel discussions to uncover the financing, investment, and market opportunities needed to drive domestic remanufacturing and procurement of material streams such as plastics, rubber and glass, to name a few.

To learn more about the event, including the exhibitors who will be displaying their products, or to register, click here.