Friday 22 December 2023 


The Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR) is reminding the community to safely dispose of batteries this Christmas.
“The message is simple - please don’t bin your batteries,” said WMRR Chief Executive Officer Gayle Sloan.

“Batteries do not go in the bin. Deposit them safely through Bcycle drop off points at major supermarkets, hardware stores, office supply shops or council facilities across the country,” she said.

“Batteries that are wrongly placed in kerbside and other bins pose a risk to our workers and facilities, as they easily start a fire, placing our workers, trucks and places of work in the line of real danger.

“Our members report seeing at least two (2) fires a week from batteries which are not disposed of correctly. 

“Our industry is like all others - we want our workers to return safely to their family over this Christmas period, so the waste and resource recovery industry appeals to you to please think before you throw. 

“The risks associated with lithium-ion batteries has been well highlighted by fire authorities across the country – but the message about battery disposal still is not getting through to everyone. 

“If the item you are disposing of has a battery in it, and you will be surprised just how many do, please remove it if you can and take it a local Bcycle drop off point. Do not under any circumstances, place it in the bin. Head to for your nearest drop off point.

“WMRR is also calling on urgent government action in 2024 on national design standards to make batteries removeable, increased funding for collection and improved regulation to cover all batteries,” Ms Sloan said.