CEO and Principal Consultant at Resource Hub
WMRR Queensland Branch Vice President 


What does International Women's Day (IWD) mean to you?

IWD is a reminder for me each year of the incredible business outcomes being delivered by women in Australia and across the world, and the barriers that still stand in the way of those successes that we sometimes forget about or take for granted. Only this week, the CEO of a major brand highlighted his surprise to a colleague of mine that his firm’s latest operational leader was surpassing all expectations. His surprise was simply because of her gender. IWD is the day that we come together to highlight successes, to learn and break down these barriers! 

What challenges (if any) did you face as a woman entering the industry? How did you address them?

Entering the industry wasn’t the biggest challenge for me but the growth from Financial Controller to CFO had its challenges; especially the challenge of being heard in a room where I was different to every other person at the table. Once I’d proven myself in that sphere, and learned to just be confidently myself, working out my next move was the next challenge. Being told that the step of CEO wouldn’t be right for me longer term, because that’s a ‘job for a man’ in waste, highlighted the long-ingrained expectations that existed across many industries at the time. For me, making a career direction change and leaping into new challenges was the right approach to move forward at that point. It was only a few years from there to CEO, and those original dissenting voices have become advocates of my success and the success of other women as a result of that leap.

How can we encourage future female leaders both generally and within WARR?

Promoting the success and opportunity of all future leaders regardless of their gender, their age, the areas or departments that they lead, and the regions in which they work will see our industry continue to flourish in its diversity and its strengths. 

What advice would you offer a young woman considering a career in WARR? 

WARR is an incredible sector! Come and join us! 

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