WMRR provides a range of services to support our members, including conferences and networking events, involvement in specific working groups within each state, and learning and development opportunities.

Networking via working groups

WMRR’s strength is its members. We have a strong, knowledgeable Board, and active and informed State Branch Committees and working groups, which lead the industry. Our working groups provide unparalleled opportunities for members to become involved with a range of state and regional groups within specialised interest areas, and provide the perfect opportunity to stay up-to-date and influence industry issues. Read more about our state branches and working groups.

Networking via events and conferences

With industry-leading events on the circular economy, landfill and transfer stations, energy from waste and more, WMRR is the networking and peer education hub for the Australian waste and resource recovery industry. View our upcoming networking events and conferences near you.

Professional Development

WMRR plays an active role in educating and developing our members and the broader waste and resource recovery industry. Along with participating in working groups and networking events, members can continue their professional development through our conferences and seminars. For self-development purposes our Membership Portal offers a suite of communication products designed to provide timely, relevant and insightful news, analysis, and resources.

Accreditation program

WMRR’s newest membership feature for your professional development will be an accreditation program which is being developed in 2019. By helping to develop and recognise the professional skills required in our sector, WMRR will add significant additional value to the membership. The recruitment process for a new Training and Development Manager who will have carriage of our new Accreditation program is in progress.