December 2020 wrap


December 2019 E-News

As we wrap up 2019, staring down the barrel of an unprecedented bushfire season, impending export bans, and the ongoing waste “crisis”, I’m more optimistic and energised than at any time in the past few years about our essential industry’s future.


September 2019 E-News

Europe and the UK’s circular economies have been on a path of sustained growth because their actions, initiatives, policies and regulations to date are grounded in one quintessential theme: integration.


July 2019 E-News

Another day, another story about an Asian nation sending (or threatening to send) Australian recyclables back. This time, it’s Indonesia, which returned a container originally marked “non-B3 mixed plastic scrap” (non-toxic) back to our shores.


May 2019 E-News

China’s National Sword, which will no doubt secure a spot in the Macquarie Dictionary, has brought to the fore the need for a strong domestic processing and remanufacturing industry



March 2019 E-News

Over the last 12 months and at various stakeholder levels, much has been discussed about the need for Australia to develop and grow its own recycled remanufacturing capacity as well as drive market demand for domestic remanufactured product.


December 2018 E-News

2018 has been quite a year. China's National Sword policy has had far reaching impacts on all aspects of our essential industry and we are not out of the woods yet.



November 2018 E-News

On 25 October, the NSW Government announced that it was revoking the Resource Recovery Exemption and Order for Mixed Waste Organic Outputs (MWOO) with 24 hours’ notice and with immediate effect.



September 2018 E-News

In the past week, the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) congratulated the Federal Department of Environment and Energy for developing the Updating the 2009 National Waste Policy Discussion Paper



June 2018 E-News

WMAA hosted the ENVIRO 18 Convention from the 13-14 June 2018 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. WMAA had started thinking about the need for such an event at the end of 2016, arguably with the knowledge that a continued reliance on trading commodities



March 2018 E-News

WMAA is well aware that the recycling industry has been under significant strain for a number of years, due to many factors including lack of sustainable secondary markets in Australia


December 2017 E-News

Welcome to the final WMAA E-NEWS for 2017, which I am handing over to our fantastic State Branches, who have worked incredibly hard to promote and represent our essential industry. I believe these reports truly represent the breadth, depth and effect


November 2017 E-News

The Australian waste industry is a victim of its own success. You, as industry professionals, appreciate the critical importance of what we do


June 2017 E-News

After consulting with members, WMAA Board and State Branch Presidents met on 31 March 2017, agreeing on the vision, guiding principles and national and state priorities for engagement and advocacy for the Association.


May 2017 E-News

After consulting with members, WMAA’s Board and State Branch Presidents met on 31 March 2017, agreeing on the vision, guiding principles and national and state priorities for engagement and advocacy for the Association.


April 2017 E-News

Thank you to those who have renewed their membership for 2017. A big welcome to WMAA's newest members. We value the support and commitment, and look forward to working with you this year to achieve positive outcomes for you and the industry


March 2017 E-News

The Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) and the Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo (AWRE), are co-hosting the ENVIRO'17 Convention from the 23-24 August 2017 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.


February 2017 E-News

As 2017 progresses, advocacy remains very high on the agenda for WMAA, as does delivering a full calendar of events - both national and international.


January 2017 E-News

The WMAA Board has identified a number of priorities for engagement at both state and federal levels in 2017


December 2016 E-News

Welcome Gayle Sloan, your new CEO who has arrived with a strong agenda and a ‘members-first approach’. It has been great to see Gayle getting out and meeting members whilst also tackling administrative and financial matters in readiness for end-of-ye


November 2016 E-News

I feel very fortunate to have been provided the opportunity to work at WMAA – the peak national association – and consider myself very lucky to be part of the waste and resource recovery industry.


October 2016 E-News

WMAA would like to welcome its new State Branch Presidents, Vice Presidents and ordinary committee members.


September 2016 E-News

While my time with WMAA has been shorter than originally anticipated, I believe that we have achieved a lot in 12 months.


August 2016 E-News

The group is examining the issues related to the interaction of the scheme with kerbside and MRFs. A second meeting is scheduled for 29 August 2016, by which time it is expected that draft legislation may be available to undergo a public consultation


July 2016 E-News

Over the past five years, the Australian waste remediation and materials recovery services industry has been operating in an increasingly favourable environment.


June 2016 E-News

In this election period, WMAA calls on the major parties to commit to the development of the waste and resource recovery industry, to ensure continued growth and contribution to the economy


May 2016 E-News

WMAA held the first WasteNSW 2016 Natural Disasters, Risk Management Conference last week at the Crowne Plaza, Hunter Valley, NSW.


April 2016 E-News

In April 2016, WMAA launched WMAA Career Centre, a new employment site that connects waste and resource recovery professionals across disciplines and career stages with employers offering career opportunities.


March 2016 E-News

Natural disasters not only have adverse impacts on the lives of those affected, but also generate large amounts of debris that needs to be collected and processed, as well as impact on the many assets owned by waste managers and resource recovery bus


February 2016 E-News

Welcome to the first edition of WMAA e-News for 2016. Not only will you notice our new design, but we will be increasing the frequency of publication to fortnightly.