WMRR National Media Coverage 2019


Inquiry calls for an extra bin in households to handle recyclable glass
Container deposit success in Queensland pressures Victoria to follow suit
Scott Morrison's waste export ban doomed to fail, environment ministers warned
Councils make pledge on procuring recyclables 
Waste export ban revealed by environment ministers but 'devil in the details'
Timetable set down for waste export ban
Australia's reliance on sending waste overseas for recycling is fuelling a crisis in the industry
The growing mountain of plastic rubbish forces Coca-Cola to consider its own recycling plant


Recycling company forces council to stop accepting glass
Recycling in tatters, as some councils give up on glass collection
Recyclers search for new solutions, as glass stockpiles grow
Infrastructure report calls for new ideas to tackle Victoria's recycling crisis
Expert rubbishes plan to introduce up to six household bins


The Project
Calls for consistent approach to recycling 
Indonesia to send 100 containers of waste back to Australia 
What a mess: Australia’s recycling crisis 
Clearer policy needed on energy from waste 
ABC News 


Does the PM’s $20 million to bolster domestic plastic recycling go far enough? RN Drive
Govt weighs new green procurement targets
Collapse of SKM reflects wider problems for Australian recyclers
Timor-Leste could become the first plastic neutral nation thanks to Australian technology (SBS News)


Recycling bodies call for expansion of container deposit scheme in SA
ABC Breakfast - Melbourne (ABC Radio, 1:45 mark)
Landfill levy pitch welcomed by national waste body (The Examiner)

Recycling bodies call for expansion of container deposit scheme in SA
Queensland continues war on waste (Mirage News)


Australian recycling crisis to deepen as Malaysia sends waste back 
How your trash could become an unlikely treasure for Australia’s economy
Plastic products are facing extinction as Australia joins the anti-disposable movement
Indonesian village being inundated with illegal plastic waste from Australia
Malaysia is sending 'illegal' plastic rubbish back to Australia
Making a move in the new energy frontier 
ABC News
After container refund scheme plan, 'massive' piece of waste puzzle remains (The Examiner)

WMRR national president Garth Lamb re-elected
The recycling industry unites after claims by 60 Minutes report
Lifting the bar
Industry associations respond to 60 Minutes recycling report
WMRR releases election plan
Indonesian environmentalists accuse Australia of 'smuggling' plastic waste following China ban
60 Minutes exposes the shocking practices behind recycling in Australia
Recycling industry demands federal action as mountains of rubbish build up
Councils to review collecting plastic bags in recycling bins
The shocking truth about recycling
It’s time to buy Australian recycled
73% of households regularly use yellow-lidded bins
ABC News SA (23 minute mark)

The circular economy brimming with job opportunities
National Waste Reset
Too much time talking': calls for NSW waste levy to fund recycling reform
WA Government warned not to give beverage industry control of container deposit scheme
Tipping point as recycling crisis spreads across Australia
#Trashtag challenge: A viral trend we can all get behind
Are these the answers to Australia's recycling crisis?
Now That China Is No Longer Accepting Australia's Recycling, We've Got One Heck Of A Crisis On Our Hands
Recycle rort exposed
"Kicking the can somewhere else:" Australia's recycling crisis
Pioneers taking a gamble on the business of recycling

The circular economy brimming with job opportunities
Victoria's recycling crisis set to worsen, WMRR warns, after SKM plants sanctioned by EPA
Queensland Landfill Levy Legislation Passes Parliament
Shoalhaven’s waste solution: a viable alternative or a step back on the industry’s efforts?
Victoria's recycling crisis set to worsen, WMRR warns, after SKM plants sanctioned by EPA
Container refund scheme prompts calls for crackdown on 'bin chickens' cashing in on recycling
Palaszczuk government passes laws to better improve waste management
What's changed one year since the start of our recycling crisis?

War On Waste - The Battle Continues 
Governments slow to respond to national waste crisis, peak body says 
Interview with Gayle Sloan CEO Waste Management Association of Australia (WMRR) 
What's changed one year since the start of our recycling crisis?
Waste Management Association of Australia rebrands
Qantas Talking Business